ABACUS IB offers financial solutions built on experience you can trust. We work closely with clients throughout the Asia Pacific region to create bespoke solutions guided by your unique financial needs. We deliver solutions designed in partnership with our clients, founded on our understanding of your financial goals, informed by extensive experience gained in leading financial institutions around the globe.

Meet the team at ABACUS IB. Our expertise is founded on decades of experience building effective financial solutions for a trusted global client list.


Our long history of working with leading investors and high net-worth individuals has helped us develop a trusted network of valuable contacts and partners. We extend that trust to new clients while leveraging established networks to support your financial goals.


We employ global insight informed by local market understanding. That means we’re agile in creating effective financial solutions that fit market conditions while adapting to your changing needs.


The insight we offer reflects decades of extensive experience in highly complex financial environments. We’re confident in what we know, and confident in our ability to share that experience for the benefit of our clients.


We understand the need for privacy, and so we place discretion at the heart of our service offer. ABACUS IB publicises in partnership and agreement with our clients, and maintains full discretion of all financial transactions outside of approved communications.

At ABACUS IB we believe that effective financial solutions are built on relationships that matter. Contact us today to explore how those relationships can work for you.